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VirtualBox-5.1.8-111374-Win.exe + Extension Pack



VirtualBox-5.1.8-111374-Win.ex+Extension Pack
VirtualBox is an x86 and x64 virtualization software package originally developed by the German software company Innotek.
Nowadays the program is developed by Oracle (through the acquisition of Sun Microsystems ).
It is installed on existing operating systems and makes it possible to install a different operating system within a virtual environment.
The so-called “guest control systems” each run in its own virtual environment.
Supported host operating systems are Linux , macOS , OS / 2 , Windows (from Windows XP ) and Solaris .
Supported guest operating systems are DragonFlyBSD , FreeBSD , OpenBSD , Linux , OS / 2 Warp, Windows, Netware , QNX , MS-DOS and Solaris .
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